Broadband IP solutions are the enabling technologies that will deliver the true promise of the high speed Internet, enhanced TV and other media-rich digital communications. But for most companies, end-to-end broadband solutions are part of some distant horizon. For more advancements see our AT&T partners at Techcouponcode and get the latest At&t Uverse coupon codes they have listed , you will slao see great comparision deals at Freebie World and Choyster Cash

Then there's ViaCast. Where broadband is a reality today.

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LeadBuddy Releases 3 New iPhone Charge Cables

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To address the increasing consumer demand for a better quality iPhone Lightning Cable for the mobile consumer, LeadBuddy has recently released the Lightning Cable to USB for Apple iPhone in three new and exciting models. The premier of these is LeadBuddy DUO, this Lightning Cable provides customers with a dual head charging cable for charging both android and iPhone devices from the one cable . Here are the links to LeadBuddy cables
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